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 LotATC para DCS

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[E-i] RUSH
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Sargento de Segunda
[E-i] RUSH

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LotATC para DCS Empty
MensajeTema: LotATC para DCS   LotATC para DCS EmptyJue Nov 28, 2013 7:32 pm

Este es el otro que se ve muy bueno, principalmente la ultima version (lo malo es que lleva licencia), es un set completo de GCI, ATC para DCS que seguro ya han visto.

A major evolution

LotAtc 4 DCS 0.8.0 was released six months ago on May 2013, the 14th. Since that time, two bug fix minor versions were achieved.
During this time, I keep working on the next step, according to the Features. After one month of stabilisation, it is now ready.
I am very happy to announce the release of the 0.9.0 version, the Public Beta 2 of LotAtc 4 DCS.
This is not a simple update but a major evolution for gaming experience. LotAtc 4 DCS is now even more realistic with relief masking, spherical radar management (with blind areas), but also contacts management (you can change contact's symbol or name and they are all synchronised with others coalition controllers).
In Realistic mode, it becomes harder to follow bandits in mountains in low altitude, as in real life...
LotATC para DCS Wol_errorThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x680.
LotATC para DCS 0.9.0_b3_1_C6
The 0.9.0 development has been focused on radar simulation engine and then LotAtc 4 DCS provides three levels of realism:

  • Arcade: you see everything. You can learn with this mode or show a game to spectators, no masking!
  • Basic: relief masking is applied but radars are spherical without blind areas and contacts are automatically classified.
  • Realistic: same than basic but with blind areas simulation and no automatic classification.
LotATC para DCS Wol_errorThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x600.
LotATC para DCS Realistic_Profile
See Detection profiles for more information about profiles and Documentation for a full documentation on server and client.
On client side, you can choose colours for allied/enemies, map, symbols set, speed vector mode (based on speed or time) and the displayed language! A new map is available with relief display!
Demo mode

You want to try LotAtc 4 DCS before buy a licence?
Download the LotAtc client and launch it without a license key. You can play it without any restrictions during 10 minutes on any LotAtc server. Limitations are:

  • 10 minutes until disconnection
  • Only one connection by LotAtc DCS session (to be able to reconnect, you must relaunch a mission on the DCS host)
No deadline or feature lock, try it!

Next release will be the 0.9.X with bug fix if any and new features like an internal chat system in order to communicate with other controllers or pilots in DCS.
In parallel, 1.0.0 will be focused on ATC control, tower approach for airports and aircraft carriers:

  • Detailed display of airports, taxiways and runaways
  • Approach management
  • ILS slope and glide
  • Radio management with TARS
  • Drawing on map and sharing option
And of course, lots of improvements! See Features

All licence keys are still usable for 0.9.X and the following 1.X versions!

  • Azrayen for the test management and the wonderful Documentation
  • Beta-testers that do a wonderful job
  • Translators
  • My squad, the 3rd-wing

  • Radar now managed with sphere (not cylinder)
  • Manage real radar enveloppe from DCS lua (antenna limits)
  • Add Terrain masking capability with an embedded relief database

  • New properties window witch ability to change aircraft name and symbol
  • Add the type of the unit to the properties window

  • Add display of current detection profile on client
  • Add Weather display
  • Add Time of mission display
  • Add Bullseye display on the map
  • Add new Map with terrain data

  • New variable %(posit_bulls) for aircraft labels
  • Add ability to set max number of characters for %(name)
  • %(name) is now replaced by TN# in the label and properties for an enemy aircraft
  • New default values for aircraft labels
  • Allow rotation in inverted direction for aircraft labels
  • Transient Labels (type only) for ground and sea-based units

  • Set vector speed time more customisable
  • Speed vector in zoom independant mode
  • Speed vector computation
  • Speed Vector detached from the symbol

  • Correct a bug: Ships badly managed
  • Network code re-designed for better handling of multiple clients
LotATC para DCS Signature
[ www.3rd-wing.net ]
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Sargento de Segunda
[E-i-A] Chiquito

Mensajes : 76
Fecha de inscripción : 19/10/2013

LotATC para DCS Empty
MensajeTema: Re: LotATC para DCS   LotATC para DCS EmptyJue Nov 28, 2013 10:56 pm

Esta aplicacion pone al simulador en un nivel alto de realismo. La putada es que son 20 euros y solo se utiliza si el servidor tiene el programa instalado. Tiene buena pinta y abria que probarla.

LotATC para DCS Firma-1copia_zpsde67ec0eLotATC para DCS Firma-2copia_zps36b89dd8
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LotATC para DCS

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