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 DCS World Update 3

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DCS World Update 3 Empty
MensajeTema: DCS World Update 3   DCS World Update 3 EmptyVie Oct 07, 2016 9:35 pm

DCS World Update 3 UpdateDCSWolrd_zpsda8c517d

DCS World Update 3

DCS World

  • Fixed GUI error when choosing a place in the supply list.
  • Fixed explosion sounds after mission restart
  • Fixed FPS drop when using RADAR
  • Corrected score points for Armed House 2 (10 instead of 100)
  • No more Thrustmaster HOTAS, XBox 360, Cobra axis stuck when player moves it quickly
  • AI weird behavior at the mission start fixed
  • Fixed DCS World crash when unactivated module started
  • F10 Map view and clickable area fixed in multimonitor configuration
  • Scale icon removed from Campaign window


  • Net phantom extrapolator improved
  • Server always get all network events to get game statistics.
  • Export API: a way to get own unit type implemented even when allow_ownship_export is turned off in server settings


  • Fixed random crash on exit from mission

Bf 109 K-4

  • Slats movement fixed
  • DE Fw-190 Quick Start manual filename corrected
  • 2 dogfight skin added


  • Speed calculation with rain fixed
  • Livery changing on different LODs fixed
  • Fixed random crash on exit from mission
  • Fixed crash on restart Instant Action missions


  • Trimmer mode option added (now the same as Mi-8 )


  • Position indicator (ИП-52) color corrected


  • Fixed flap assignment for HOTAS Warthog


  • added separate mode for M-2000c ground ranging
  • TAS (radar ranging) upgrade.
  • AG gunsight upgrade.
  • HSI VAD enabled.
  • WP display on VTB bug fix.
  • OBL not displaying bug fix.
  • TAS for OBL/IP bug fix.
  • RWR Threat library updated
  • RWR Sounds updated
  • RWR Launch detection mode enabled
  • Radar NCTR library included
  • Radar NCTR enabled
  • Decoy release program enabled.
  • Built-in Jammer upgraded.
  • New keyboard bindings.
  • INS N.DEG light bug fixed
  • Bullseye coordinates fixed
  • INS "Always Aligned" not working bug fixed
  • Radar CCM bug fixed
  • DRM button added to Module Manager


  • Smoke pylon added (pylon 6) within the body of the aircraft
  • Smokewinders removed from pylon 3 (fuselage) and added to pylon 6 on weapon loadout in mission editor (Note:
  • AI smoke functional, player smoke still bugged and working on)
  • DRM button added to Module Manager.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations

  • Fixed radar causing FPS loss and/or occasional crash.
  • Fixed SRZO IFF causing a crash.
  • Increased roll rate.
  • Improved AFM flaps & airbrakes’ logic.
  • Improved AFM on supercritical AoA
  • Corrected vertical tail & rudder efficiency on critical and supercritical AoA
  • DRM button added to Module Manager


General changes:

  • Reworked cockpit structure.
  • Radios (VHF, UHF, intercom) implementation. Front and rear cockpit.
  • New cockpit (knobs, oxygen system, tap on glass...) realistic sounds. Front and rear cockpit.
  • Tweaked AI takeoff performance.
  • Modified mirror vision.
  • All front cockpit devices can be now assigned to keyboard and joystick commands. WIP for rear cockpit.
  • Fixed clock set functionality - no more chronometer reset occurs.
  • Altimeters now change their indication without a noticeable lag, when a new baro pressure is set.
  • Altimeters read negative values.
  • FIRE TEST function was fixed.
  • DC power check was added to the gear handle logic (gear is controlled by solenoid), and to the gear downlock override button (the handle downlock can't be overridden without electric power).
  • Gear downlock override button got a safety wire, which can be overridden by 2-seconds press and hold.
  • Rebuilt 3D model and textures of magnetic compass.
  • Ability to transmit/receive T-tone.
  • Separate used fuel calculation for front and rear cockpits.
  • Fixed clock rewind/set lever.
  • Altimeter and clock knobs animation adjusted.
  • Changed engine smoke level (thickness).
  • Altimeter baro set knob is mechanically linked to the pointer/counter system. The baro set knob stops if indication reaches its min/max possible displayed values (from -1000 to 59980 ft). The baro set knob operation is independent in each cockpit.
  • CODE OFF altimeter flag is animated smoothly now.
  • Airspeed pointers animated smoothly now. I.e. no more jumps from zero to the minimum displayed airspeed.
  • Mach scale is properly animated. Its end (.9) is visible in the window when aircraft is on ground.
  • Working R/T flag on ADI in both cockpits.
  • R/T and backup ADI OFF flags were animated smoothly.
  • Fixed Slip animation.
  • Airspeed pointers and counters will be initialized correctly at hot start.
  • Some liveries and textures corrected.
  • Fixed excessive accelerometer oscillations at takeoff.
  • Fixed backup attitude indicator when its power was set off.
  • Fixed EN and ES training missions for new EB cockpit.
  • Updated quickstart and single missions according to multilingual system. Added CN. Training missions remain with old system, in a separate locale folder.
  • Fuel reset knob animation was inverted.
  • DRM button added to Module Manager

Rear cockpit functionality added:

  • Gear downlock override button.
  • Gear warning mute button.
  • Flap switch. Plus animation was made smooth in both cockpits.
  • Oxygen system main supply lever.
  • Oxygen system pressure warning switch (specific for the rear cockpit).
  • 'Antiskid' korry button.
  • 'Fail/Caution/Fire' korry buttons.
  • Cockpit Illumination system.
  • Rear cockpit integration of N1, N2, EGT, oil temperature, oil pressure + rear cockpit circuit breakers and indicators' brightness control. Smooth animation applied to them.
  • Fuel flow, voltmeter and hydraulics pressure complete.
  • Used fuel reset and fuel flow test buttons.
  • Implemented VSI and g meter.
  • Rear cockpit clock.
  • Working backup ADI and turn/slip indicator (including the circuit breaker).
  • Working antiskid Korry button.
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DCS World Update 3

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