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 Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6

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Sargento de Segunda
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Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6 Empty
MensajeTema: Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6   Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6 EmptyMar Oct 22, 2013 8:13 pm

Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6 UpdateDCSWolrd_zpsda8c517d

DCS Update 3 - Change Log for Update 3

DCS World:
Fixed static aircraft submerged in ground on some airfields.
FARP ATC will now respond to "Abort Takeoff" if the player starts with engines running.
Fixed GUI error after attempting to delete a unit under some conditions.
A Ground Vehicle Group can now be placed from ME menu.
Multiplayer: Fixed crash when one player performs belly landing.
Su-25T: Fixed crash when Kh-25MPU is launched when seeker deflection is too great.
New Su-25T quick missions has been added (EN).
New Su-25T interactive training lessons has been added (EN).

Flaming Cliffs 3:

The Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ATC will now give permission for landing.

DCS: A-10C Warthog:

Fixed missing texture for LITENING II IR pointer beam.
Yaw SAS channels will no longer disable when switching between EGI and HARS.
Fixed A-10C landing gear damage (main tire and rim were removed while main gear was floating as if it was still there)

DCS: UH-1H Huey (Beta):

Fixed typo and changed picture in UH-1H module installer.
Fixed crash when firing Miniguns if "Lights=1" set in options.lua file.
Fixed loss of ADF indication with no change in signal strength.
Added input command for controls of the pilot's sight*

* You may need to delete the user input files for UH-1H for these changes to take effect

Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6 Firma-1copia_zpsde67ec0eActualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6 Firma-2copia_zps36b89dd8
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Actualizacion N° 3 para la version 1.2.6

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